1. What it Means to be an Entrepreneurial Couple

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to go into business with your spouse?”

“Are you sure you two are ready for this?”


These were the overwhelming responses when we first informed our friends, family, and colleagues that we were starting a business together. It’s hard to argue with their reactions when you look at statistics surrounding entrepreneurial couples. Divorce lawyers estimate spouses who operate a business together are 5% to 10% more likely to get divorced compared to couples who do not work together. A research paper that came out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill concluded that gender inequality in the distribution of control was more likely to occur within spousal teams.

In spite of this, the thought of running a business together excited us.  Not only did it give us an opportunity to use our combined skills and ambition, but it provided us a means to spend more time together – and to us, what better way to spend your life than with your loved one. So, we pressed on with our wide-eyed optimism and formed Collide Rings.

We launched Collide Rings in 2019 when we filed for a utility patent for the first ever two-part, connecting engagement & wedding ring. Our product was created to promote equality, commitment, and inclusion amongst all couples.  Little did we understand at the time that the ideals our company was founded upon were the same ones that will be required of us personally to maintain a healthy marriage as we embark on this journey together.

The purpose of this blog series is to give you, the readers, an honest glimpse into what it’s like to launch a business with your spouse. Each post will either be written from the perspective of Kristen or Gavin as we feel this is the best way for you to see the whole picture. You will receive a first-hand account of the ups and downs we’ve experienced. You will throw your hands up and clench your eyes shut with us on the emotional rollercoaster we are riding. We hope that along the way, you will learn from our stories and gain insight as to what it really means to be an entrepreneurial couple.

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On the surface, this may seem small, but at its core it was a breach of trust. Even if unintentionally, Gavin went behind my back.  I felt betrayed and as if my opinion didn’t matter.  But most importantly, I felt that my say in the Company was less than equal. Why wouldn’t he just ask me first? We both own 50% of the company so shouldn’t we both be involved in major company decisions?

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