We understand that as a new idea, our rings need some explaining.  So below we laid out the basics and what to expect.

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Engaged Together

Your engagement ring will arrive within 5 to 6 weeks.  The ring comes in our Collide branded velvet ring box.  You may notice that there is a plastic insert inside of the ring.  Please leave it inserted as its purpose is to provide you with comfort as you wear the engagement ring.

You just wear your engagement ring throughout your engagement.  Simple.

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Married Together

You may choose to purchase your wedding ring at the same time as your engagement ring, or at a later date as long as it is at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding.  Remember the design is yours to customize as you can mix and match any finishes, materials and designs to your liking.

Before the wedding day, make sure to take out the plastic insert in your engagement ring and PLEASE RECYCLE.  On your wedding day you simply fasten the engagement and wedding rings together to form one seamless ring. 

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Forever Together

From now until the end of time you will wear your fastened engagement and wedding ring as one.

... Unless you want to change out the top or bottom for a new one.  Don't worry, we won't judge.