Finding Your Ideal Fit 

Due to the specialized nature of our rings, they cannot be resized making it very important to choose the correct size.  To assist you, we provided helpful information and methods for finding your ideal fit below


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Helpful Information 

All of our rings are standard fit, meaning they are flat along the interior of the ring where it touches your finger.

Our engagement and wedding rings are two different widths.  The width of the engagement rings are 3mm and 5mm for the wedding rings, together making an 8mm ring.  This is important because a 3mm ring may fit a bit looser than a 5mm ring of the same size.  Our suggestion is to find your ideal fit for an 8mm width ring.  Don't worry if your engagement ring is a touch loose, because when you add the wedding ring, it will fit perfectly.

When you are sizing your ring finger, ensure that your finger is at its normal size.  Heat and water retention can cause your finger to swell, whereas cold weather can cause it to shrink.


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Ring Sizing Methods 


The String or Paper Ring Size Method: 

What you will need: A pen or pencil, a piece of string/ribbon/thin piece of paper, a ruler

What you will do: 1. Cut the string to be about 6 inches long  2. Wrap it around your ring finger at the base of your knuckle  3. Using the pen or pencil, mark where the ends of the string touch  4. Lay the string flat along the ruler and measure to the millimeter  5. Use a ring size chart to see what ring size corresponds to the millimeters you measured

The Ring Sizer Method:

Below is a link to purchase a ring sizer.  The ring sizer will have multiple size rings that you can try on to see what size you are.

Click here to Purchase Ring Sizer on Amazon


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Custom Sizing

 Don't see your ring size? Don't worry, simply contact us and we can accommodate any size you may need.